Despite losing much of its energy after being over land for a few days, the storm that was Hurricane Irma still covers a vast area as it slowly crawls northeastward up the lower Ohio Valley today. The storm is centered over western Kentucky this morning but the alternating bands of humid and dry air circulating around the storm are the big factors in our weather for the next couple of days.

We are starting with some warm, dry weather that undead Irma has dragged up all the way from Mexico. That air mass will give us some sun and warm us up to near 80. Much more humid air will soon arrive, so look for the sky to cloud over as the day progresses with a slight chance of scattered showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Showers and thunderstorms are more likely tomorrow as the core of what was Irma passes to the west of the city. Unless you get caught in one of the thunderstorms the rain should generally be pretty light. It will again be warm with a high near 80. More showers are possible on Friday as a weak cold front pushes away the last of the tropical moisture. Without tropical moisture, the weekend is going to be mighty fine. Saturday and Sunday are expected to be generally sunny with highs near 80.