Thanks to yesterday's double-whammy of a squall line and cold front, the temperature in Central Park dropped from an unseasonably mild 64 degrees early Thursday to a brisk 40 degrees this morning. Cold air is still filling in behind the front so don't expect too much warming this afternoon. It pains me to write this, but the wind chill will make it feel much cooler than the actual temperature. On the other hand, the wind, by mixing cooler air near the ground with warmer air above, will keep the temperature above the freezing mark tonight.

Tomorrow promises to be a not quite as windy, not quite as sunny repeat of today with an afternoon high near 50. A weak warm front passage Saturday night will let the temperature return to the mid 50s on Sunday and Monday. Another cold front on Monday night will be followed by another blast of cold air. Tuesday and Wednesday look like they will only warm to the mid 40s.

The next chance of precipitation, note that I deliberately didn't say rain, is toward the end of next week. That's still a ways off, and the forecast models aren't in good agreement, but there's at least some possibility of a coastal storm forming mid-week, potentially bringing a mix of precipitation types next Thursday. It looks to me like the models are keeping that storm too far offshore, but I don't get paid to hype every system into the worst storm ever. [Editor's note: Bummer.]