The year is ending much as it began, cold and dry, as a big high pressure system is covering most of the country east of the Rockies. This afternoon's high will be lucky to reach the freezing mark under mostly sunny skies. The temperature will be in the mid-to-upper 20s when the new year arrives, but the wind will make it feel like it's in the mid teens.

Tomorrow is expected to be a couple of degrees warmer than today, but with winds gusting up to 25 mph the wind chill is going to remain in the teens all day. The temperature should climb back to near 40 on Friday as the high pressure system heads eastward.

After more than a week of quiet, weather action should return on Saturday as the storm that might bring snow to Las Vegas tonight finally reaches the East Coast. The forecast details are all over the place, but the general idea is that precipitation will start Saturday afternoon and last through Sunday. From the Mid-Hudson Valley northward the temperatures should stay low enough for a significant accumulation of snow. Here in the city it may start out as snow but will quickly change to rain as warm air arrives Saturday night. Sunday's temperature forecasts range from the upper 40s to upper 50s. The coldest weather of the season should arrive next week behind the storm.