Dry weather returns! The dew point temperature dropped thirteen degrees between 10 p.m. and midnight last night and the wind started howling out of the west making for a pretty obvious cold front passage. Dry weather and gusty westerly winds as a high pressure system rushes in behind the departing storm are the story today and tomorrow. Cooler air will eventually arrive but today, like every other day so far in November, will be warmer than normal with a high in the upper 50s.

The weekend is going to start off chilly. Saturday morning's low will dip to near 40 and the 20 mph winds will make it feel much colder. Don't look for much warming tomorrow as the high will only reach the upper 40s.

One cold day every couple of weeks is about all Mother Nature can stir up this fall. As the center of high pressure looms overhead Sunday will see the winds die down, lots of clear skies and the temperature returning to the upper 50s for a high. Monday might just win the "Nicest Mid-November Day Ever" award as it will be sunny and mild with a high in the lower to mid 60s. Beyond that warm weather, with highs in the lower 60s, is expected to last through next weekend, though we may get some rain about a week from now.