NYU might have the most irritating students, and everyone might be transferring to CUNY, but the only place you're going to find a prospective Nascar racer is at Fordham University! Chase Mattioli, 20, has racing in his blood; his grandparents founded the Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, PA, and has been racing since he was 7. His first job at the track as a kid was picking up cigarette butts from beneath the bleachers (a skill that could prove lucrative here).

Though he loves the sport and aspires to be a professional driver in the Major Leagues of racing, the Sprint Cup Series, he doesn't advertise his love: “I don’t wear a Nascar jacket out. I don’t want people to judge me about it before they know anything about me.” According to Nascar, there is only one full-time driver in the Spring Cup with a bachelor's degree. Mattioli will compete in 20 races this year in the Automobile Racing Club of America series, the equivalent of AA minor league baseball. With the rest of his time, he'll pursue other interests: “I’ve never thrown a baseball in my whole life.”