Conservative talking bobble head Ann Coulter re-emerged from the depths of the Dark Hemisphere once more this week for a speaking engagement at Fordham University. That is, until she was subsequently shunned from the event.

Coulter, who recently graced the World Wide Web with a tweet calling our Commander-in-Chief a "retard" and earlier this year claimed that "all pretty girls are right-wingers," was invited to Fordham's Bronx campus by the College Republicans. But the university's president, Father Joseph McShane, doesn't think Coulter's delicate pearls of wisdom do much to benefit the student body. While he did not act on requests to cancel her appearance, he still sent out an email blasting the College Republicans' invitation to the whole school community.

"To say that I am disappointed with the judgment and maturity of the College Republicans, however, would be a tremendous understatement," McShane wrote in his e-mail. "There are many people who can speak to the conservative point of view with integrity and conviction, but Ms. Coulter is not among them. Her rhetoric is often hateful and needlessly provocative—more heat than light—and her message is aimed squarely at the darker side of our nature."

The club has since rescinded Coulter's invitation, saying the cancellation is "consistent with [their] strong disagreement with certain comments by Ms. Coulter." Coulter's track record with city universities isn't so great—a 2008 appearance at NYU was panned by a student blogger—but on the bright side, she now has more time to publicly mourn America's deprivation of a Romney presidential reign, so let's all be thankful for that small blessing.