A 21-year-old man killed by a hit-and-run driver on Saturday has been identified as Noah Goldstein, who graduated from Fordham University just two weeks ago.

Goldstein, who attended the Fordham Theatre Program, was struck around 3:15 a.m. just two blocks from the university. On Saturday night, the college honored him by changing the cover photo of its Facebook page, and plans for a Lincoln Center memorial service are in the works.

“It is a terrible blow to lose someone so young and full of promise, and we cannot imagine the pain of Noah’s family and loved ones,” Fordham President Joseph McShane told the Daily News

A message posted along with a photo of Goldstein reads: "They were our best and our brightest. They are gone too soon. Show the other side what great art looks like. Love, The Fordham Theatre Program."

A witness told the News that the driver didn't stop, leaving Goldstein's body at Broadway near West 61st Street. As of Sunday, the police had not yet arrested the driver, though they seem confident that they will.

“There’s cameras everywhere here,” one source told the tabloid. “We’ll catch the person.”

Goldstein had already landed a job as a set designer for the show "Lifetime Supply," which was slated open this week.

“Noah was a gifted young artist. He was unfailingly curious, disciplined, and inventive. He was also among the most joyful and compassionate people I’ve worked with, and his mind was electric," Daniel Alexander Jones, an associate professor of theater at Fordham, told the Post. "I join my colleagues in offering our deepest condolences to Noah’s family. We have lost a bright star."