A black Fordham University student who emailed his professor asking for an extension on an assignment has reported what he says was a racially-biased response to the university's Title IX Coordinator.

Tristen Dossett, a junior at Fordham University at Lincoln Center, says he was one of a few students who emailed professor Heide Jonassen requesting an extension on an assignment, but the only student who received what he believes was a racially-charged response.

"It is really disappointing to see you fall into a stereotype narrative the dominant society expects...." Jonassen wrote. "Your lateness, non attendance..now this. you are better than that Tristen....please do not do this narrative..."

Jonassen, who also goes by Morgan Jenness, is a freelance dramaturg and previously worked at the Public Theater, the New York Theater Workshop, and the Los Angeles Theater. She is currently a faculty member of both Fordham University at Lincoln Center and Pace University.

Dossett reported Jonassen's email to the university's Title IX Coordinator. "This remark made me feel invalidated and useless as a student, let alone a black male," he wrote. "I was already struggling with the assignment, hence my request for an extension, and her comment that I am becoming a (what I have interpreted as) racial stereotype deeply affected my subconscious in many different ways."

Dossett also explained that he's missed three classes throughout the semester—once for a medical emergency—is rarely late, and was one of multiple students to request an extension. Fordham's campus newspaper, The Ram, reports that two other students also requested extensions on the assignment and that Jonassen responded to both without mentioning any "stereotype narrative."

Jonassen apologized to Dossett on Monday via email. "I am very sorry that you took offense to what was meant to be a true expression of concern," she wrote in an email. "I realize that I made a mistake in presumption of a relationship....and also that you do not really know anything about my history or my own identity as well as my core intents."

"I feel that in our racist society, there are too often assumptions of expected patterns that are used as excuses to dismiss potential in MANY groups of people," Jonassen told the Ram on Tuesday. "It is something my colleagues and collaborators of color often discuss..but I think it is difficult for someone perceived as white to voice."

Bob Howe, Fordham's Senior Director of Communications, told Gothamist the incident is currently under investigation and declined to provide further comment.

Neither Dosset nor Jonassen immediately responded to requests for comment, but we will update when they do so.