Former Tennessee lawmaker, current Wall Street worker, and possible Senate candidate Harold Ford has already taken heat from his likely rival for not disclosing whether or not he earned a "taxpayer-backed" bonus for his work at Merrill Lynch. Now, he's taking heat from himself. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's campaign is circulating a video of a March 2009 appearance by Ford on MSNBC in which he says there is a need for greater "transparency" regarding banking bonuses funded with TARP money.

"I would consider, Mika, appointing sort of a TARP institution compensation committee. Three people of unimpeachable integrity—a Colin Powell, a Jim Baker, an Alice Rivlin—people of that nature, of that stature, who would not have to give consent for bonuses that these institutions would provide, but would certainly bring about the transparency that so many in Congress want and the country wants in terms of bonuses that these institutions provide or payment they provide to their top executives. And two, they would be able to recommend if performance was the driving factor here and not just contractual duties."

According to the Daily News, the Gillibrand press release is a sign the incumbent is "continuing to pressure" Ford. The release includes a quote from Gillibrand advisor Jeffrey Pollock, who claims that Ford—who is taking a leave of absence from Merrill Lynch while he decides whether or not to launch a full-fledged campaign—wants to have it both ways. "It sounds like Vice Chairman Ford thinks other Wall Street executives should disclose their bonus, but not him ... Does Ford still support this kind of transparency, and if so, why doesn't he get the ball rolling and start answering questions about how much of a bonus he got at Merrill Lynch?"

When asked if he received a bonus, Ford has declined to answer directly. He told Newsday: "I can say that I fulfilled the contract and was paid per the terms of the contract. There was a contract that was a part of it, and I received what was laid out in the contract."