This is certainly not helping us get any happier. A Queens blogger reports that on December 18th a dog was removed from a private home in the borough and brought to a vet. He was living in a crawl space under a porch, and clearly has mange — in the video, he had been bathed twice already. Thank goodness this poor pup (nicknamed Justice) was saved, right? However, "a neighbor lady told the owner where the dog was and was threatened with jail by the owner of dog. She got scared and now the vet's hands are tied."

Enter: The ASPCA. According to a concerned, anonymous person, the group stepped in but made things worse, telling the vet not to give the dog's rescuers any information, and to just send him back to the original owners! The rescuers say the ASPCA claims to have not seen anything wrong with the dog. Hmm...really, because this dog seems like it could fit right into their heartwrenching, Sarah McLachlan-soundtracked commercial:

The ASPCA, which noted that it did not seize the dog in the first place and that its investigation is still open, has told us: "He is in the custody of the owner, who is taking him regularly to a vet, and we are monitoring that situation. Our understanding is that the owner reclaimed his dog from the vet who was treating him."