Oh, yes, we did it! New York City broke another peak electricity demand record, with 13,141 megawatts served yesterday, breaking Monday's record. Still, a bunch of areas in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and upper Manhattan experienced blackouts - and there have been many manhole fires as well. It was around 112 on the heat index in some parts, yet it was still not hot enough to fry an egg on a Brooklyn manhole. This experiment was organized by Maggie Portis, and the photo sent to us by reader Jenny - all inspired by Joe's weather post yesterday. We love you, dear, dear readers!

The mayor also begged residents to conserve energy at home - nevermind needing to watch TV, eat ice cream, and read up about Mel Gibson on the Internet while in the comfort of your AC-ed home. But that's nothing compared to the Orthodox Jews who are fasting - not even drinking water - for Tisha B'Av, which started last night. Rabbis have been making exceptions, but a Great Neck rabbi points out, "We have come through history through much worse than that."

How did you do yesterday in the heat? The NY Times has a chart of temperates in different regions of the city during different times yesteday, and its accompanying article has local color in the sultry heat. And we'll be talking about Con Ed's first report about the Queens blackout later. For now, we hope you're staying cool and hydrated.