, we love weather. We check it all day long the same way some people open and close the fridge when looking for something to eat.

One of those doors we open and close a zillion times a day is So you can imagine how psyched we were to see some of their new tools launched earlier in the week.

The first is the ability to customize your weather page. Nothing ground breaking here but one should not overlook how nice it is when a website makes your life more convenient.

The second is a Fitness Guide. It includes such tools as a Fitness Comfort Index which gives a comfort rating for exercising outside in your city or zip code. It also gives you tips on what to wear based on your local weather conditions, but Gothamist simply can't in good faith advise you to take your fashion tips from Also be sure to check out the Calorie Burn Calculator (pictured) as well as the Hydration Needs Calculator. Yeah, we probably won't be using that one either but we liked the cool factor (pun intended).

All in all we like the changes, but if they really want to help us New Yorkers, how about a tool that calculates the average wait time to get a cab based on the weather conditions.