Today, the defense cross-examined the former Knicks executive who is suing Knicks coach and president Isiah Thomas as well as Madison Square Garden management, claiming that she was sexual harassed. We'll have more about it tomorrow, but today, the judge presiding over the trial, U.S. District Judge Gerard Lynch urged lawyers to pick up the pace, saying, "I saw one juror nodding off this morning."

We're not sure how that's possible, since the trial has included lots of swearing, the antics of Knicks captain Stephon Marbury, and other salacious details. Anyway, the Daily News created a graphic describing the eight jurors in the trial - some are basketball fans, one's a woman with an MBA, one man is a Knicks fan who doesn't like Thomas' coaching. Plus the News has a Q&A with a Philadelphia lawyer and sports fan, Michael Cohen, about the case.

DAILY NEWS: What is your impression of the case so far?

COHEN: I think Anucha Browne Sanders has come across as a pretty credible witness. The stories coming out of this are bad. I can't believe this thing actually went to trial. I can't believe the Knicks let this go as far as they did.
DAILY NEWS: Why wasn't this case settled long before all this dirty laundry was aired in open court?
COHEN: My guess is that she brought an internal complaint and was unhappy with the way Dolan and the Knicks handled that complaint. If Madison Square Garden didn't take the complaint seriously or treat her fairly, that left her with no choice but to file a lawsuit. I suspect she felt like she was disrespected and her employer didn't take it seriously. They left her with no choice.

Cohen also suspects the case could be settled before it goes to the jurors - maybe that's why they're sleepy! Last week, Lynch had encouraged both sides to settle the case over the weekend, but it looks like they want every last dirty detail in the open.