1208atlanta.jpgHere we go again: New Yorkers are leaving the city for Georgia. Or rather, Atlanta. The NY Post has the latest on the exodus, zeroing in on a family who live on an "above average" income but were still only able to live on Long Island while here...with one of their parents. "But when the family moved to Atlanta, Merritt and his wife found they were living far better on about the same income," saying "We went from struggling to having a great quality of life in just a few weeks." Real estate is, of course, a main factor here, with a 4-bedroom home going for around $275K in an Atlanta suburb, and property taxes about a 1/4 of what they would be in New York. So maybe the Real Housewives of Atlanta aren't really that rich after all? The paper also reminds that "between 2000 and 2005, 40,000 New Yorkers moved to Atlanta, according to the city's Regional Commission."