Name the worst teams in the NFL, and chances are the squads picked will appear on the Jets' schedule. Bengals? Check. Chiefs? Later on. Same with the Rams. This week's foe: the mighty Raiders, who are 1-4 and on their second coach this season. The only thing the Raiders are good at is running the ball -- they're fourth in the league. They're toward the bottom in everything else, including 24th in defense. With Brett Favre leading the charge, the Jets could be in for a fruitful passing day.

The last time Favre played in Oakland, his father had died the night before. On Dec. 22, 2003, Favre threw for 399 yards and four touchdowns in a mesmerizing performance. He won't need any spiritual help Sunday. The Jets are a flawed team -- they have zero rushing offense, for instance -- but their easy schedule should help them mask that. Thomas Jones and the expensive offensive line have been a disappointment, but, at 3-2, the Jets haven't caught that much flak. The Jets will be back to their normal road uniforms this week. They had won two in a row dressed as the Titans, but the throwbacks will have to wait until they return home.

As for injuries, Calvin Pace calls his jammed toe a "boo-boo." Cornerback Justin Miller could play for the first time this season, but kicker Mike Nugent is still out. What's the hidden perk of playing a string of lousy opponents? The team need not worry about the trap game. The day the Jets look ahead to playing the Chiefs is the day the media stop fawning over Favre. That's not going to happen anytime soon.

Photo of Brett Favre by the AP