2004_06_mrsofteefig.jpgSoft serve lovers rejoice, a compromise on the the Mr. Softee jingle has been reached. The proposed reforms last year to the city's noise code by Mayor Bloomberg called for Mr. Softee to be muted. No more jingle at all hours, no more jingle at all. The compromise reached by the City Council only calls for the jingle to be stopped when the ice cream truck is stopped.

Other parts of Bloomberg's noise crackdown seem to be on track: barking dogs have 5 minutes to stop barking at night, and 10 minutes during the day (do they make dog timers now); loud air conditioning units would be subject to stricter standards; construction projects would be curtailed at night except for special situations (keep the hooting and hollering during the day); and garbage pick up would be banned from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. within 50 feet of a residence (yay, but more garbage smell for rush hour).

While Gothamist hasn't been unlucky enough (or lucky depending on how you're looking at it) to have a Mr. Softee truck park outside our home for hours on end, we can see truck drivers moseying along at a snail's pace to skirt the law.