100708suite.jpgThe city's most expensive hotel room got the kind of publicity money can't buy today thanks to the Times, which has paired the voyeuristic article with an addictive, 360-degree photo panorama of the bathroom. We've been virtually spinning around in it for the last ten minutes like Julie Andrews on a Bavarian mountaintop in The Sound of Music. The immaculate bathroom in the 52nd story "Ty Warner Penthouse" has a laser in the bathtub to turn the water different colors, a “steam rain” shower with aromatherapy, a crystal sink lighted from within, and a computerized Toto Washlet “smart toilet" that "does everything on your behalf except wipe"—including warm the seat. The butler on hand confirms that the typical guests in the $30,000 a night room are "the anonymous rich who run the world." It's going to be so depressing taking a shower tonight.