Hand and foot model Christina Ambers fell in love with the doorman at her Upper East Side co-op in 2007, but the superintendent forbade Angel Rotger to see her romantically. And yet the romance between doorman and foot lady could not be so easily snuffed out, and the two continued their affair in secret. When they were found out, Rotger was fired—but not before the super's wife allegedly swung her handbag into his groin so hard he suffered a contusion of the testicle. Naturally, their story is on the cover of the Daily News and the Post today.

They were married in July, and Rotger moved from the Bronx to Ambers's 700-square-foot apartment in the East 74th Street building where he used to work. In a $10 million lawsuit filed yesterday, Ambers accuses other posh people in the building of trying to force her out because they think it's crass to openly cavort with the help. She says the staff doesn't tell her when packages arrive, call cabs, etc. "It seems that Christina has breached some type of social order that existed in that building," says Joshua Price, a lawyer for the newlyweds. "You live in this ritzy Upper East Side apartment and now Angel the porter is Angel your next-door neighbor—I guess it makes some people feel uncomfortable." And Ambers tells the Daily News:

I hope that people can understand how awful it is to come home and to then be treated with hostility in a building where I have paid a lot of money to live. Nobody should have to live this way. The people in this building need to come into the 21st century. I fell in love with Angel because he is a sweet, caring man—how dare they look down on us!

But residents say Ambers is "the biggest problem in the building" because she "parades around" in skimpy outfits. Having thoroughly researched Ambers's body of work (a sampling is provided here for reference purposes) it's clear this is all about envy of her pretty hands and toes and strapping husband and morbidly obese cat.