The hand and foot model who's suing her co-op for treating her like a pariah for marrying the doorman has a history of romancing the help. Before she fell for bareheaded former doorman Angel Rotger, Christina Ambers had previously cavorted with another doorman at the Upper East Side building, a married Romanian immigrant named John Bradatan. But is it so crazy for a woman whose hands are her livelihood to fall for men who professionally open doors?

Rotger doesn't think his predecessor suggests some kind of doorman fetish, and tells the Daily News, "I think it's absurd that [Bradatan's] name is even mentioned because this situation is totally separate from all of that. It's apples and oranges." But the two men do have more than a profession in common: according to the News, they've both had run-ins with the law.

Rotger was arrested in 2006 for driving without a license, while Bradatan was busted for drug dealing in his teens. Bradatan says his romance with Ambers lasted six months, after he stopped working at the building. "She wanted me to get married, she wanted me to divorce [my wife]," Bradatan tells the News. "Then she wanted to sue the building." He says Ambers even bought fake wedding rings in order to tell people in the building they were husband and wife.

They closed the door on their affair in 2007, and then Ambers swung over to doorman #2 later that year. But she insists Bradatan ran up debt on her credit cards, is "evil," and not to be trusted: "The relationship did not end on good terms. He is vengeful and he is not a nice person and I know that anything he has to say about me is not going to be positive because he's an ex-boyfriend of mine."