Foot model Christina Ambers and her husband Angel Rotger have officially left the building. The duo caused quite a stir at their Upper East Side co-op after falling in love in 2007, when Rotger was Ambers' doorman there. At first it was reported they were receiving harsh treatment from uppity neighbors who didn't support socializing with the help — Rotger was actually fired when the relationship continued — but later some unsavory stories came out about the couple.

Now the NY Post reports that they've been kicked to the curb and have cleared out of their 340 East 74th Street home. Ambers filed a $10 million lawsuit against the building for allegedly ostracizing her, and at a hearing yesterday the co-op board came forward with proof that it was the former residents who were bullying them.

The board's lawyer says tenants were afraid of the couple and told horror stories of Ambers screaming after midnight, calling neighbors fat and ugly, and Rotgers verbally and physically assaulting the super's wife. He even threatened the night doorman, saying, "You stupid fat fuck, I'll break your face. See me outside of the camera range — I'll slam your fucking head." The incident was, of course, caught on tape. Anyone looking for an apartment on the UES?