Tuesday night, foot fetish videos of what appear to be the wife of Jets coach Rex Ryan caught the attention of Interwebs. Yesterday Ryan was uncharacteristically somber discussing the "personal matter" at the team's regular press conference (watch the whole thing here or read the transcript if that's your thing). And today the paper's headline writers had their fun: "AGONY OF DE-FEET" screamed the Post, "TROUBLE AFOOT" called out the the sports page of the Daily News (they'd already used "NOW THAT'S FOOT-BALL!" yesterday), "Rex Ryan and Jets Encounter Unusual Distraction" murmured the Times. But most of the teasing, locally, stopped there.

Instead when not talking about just how surreal that press conference was, coverage has focused on the fact that nothing actually wrong is going on here: "Rex Ryan did not cheat on his wife. He did not try to steal another man's wife away. He was not charged with domestic violence. His crime...was loving his wife Michelle too much." And the team's players, for their part, seem to be taking it in stride:

"Foot fetish? Whatever," cornerback Darrelle Revis told the Post. "At the end of the day, that's his wife and he can do whatever he wants with his wife. It's not like he's out committing adultery or anything negative."

Meanwhile, Jets-owner Woody Johnson is standing by the coach. The fan who found the footage, if you were curious, roots for the Bills. And TMZ reports that a fetish clip site thinks Ryan is the "Tarantino of Tootsies" and wants to fly the coach and his wife (with her "heavenly hooves") to Vegas for a porn convention. Which is weird since, well, isn't Quentin Tarantino the Tarantino of Tootsies? Have these people ever seen Kill Bill?