2006_1_foolsgold1.jpgYesterday Gawker had some amusing pictures of people scrounging around for little gold pellets that had been dropped on 5th Avenue near 47th Street. The pellets were about the size of BBs, and it looked like they had been dropped in a big dirty puddle just off the sidewalk. Sadly, it turns out that in New York, the streets are not paved in gold balls. The Post picks up the story:

But all that glitters isn't gold, said a pair of Diamond District jewelers who work near the gold rush.

"This is alloy. I'd bet my life on it," said one of them, Harry Menekse of Diva Diamonds.

Both think it's a scam.

"They're out there picking it up, and in the meantime, they're getting their pockets picked," Menekse said.

Menekse's theory is interesting, but it seems more likely someone just dropped a package of fake gold balls, and seeing that they landed in a very dirty puddle, decided not to bother picking them up. What's your theory?