At the Fancy Food show going on at the Javits Center, industry workers talked a big game about not listening to Mayor Bloomberg's initiative to lower salt content in foods. "People like it the way it is. We see no reason to mess with a good thing," said one steak seasoning vendor. "I don't want a chip that tastes like paint." said the purveyor of Buffalo Wing Chips with Blue Cheese Drizzle (fancy food indeed). But beneath the bravado, many industry folk seemed to be quietly pushing products that won't cause as much hypertension.

Bacon Salt makers J&D Foods say their product contains 75% less sodium than regular table salt (and it's kosher!). Co-owner Dave Lefkow said, "When people discover this, they eat less regular salt." Though that still means they probably eat more bacon salt, which we're sure isn't great for you even if it has less sodium. Meat seasoning company Char Crust also said they lowered sodium content in many of their products, they just haven't told anyone.

Others say instead of eating low sodium foods, people should be using healthier salt. HimalaSalt (i.e.: rock salt from Pakistan) seller Melissa Kushi said, "The salt the AMA and the mayor are saying is bad for you is refined salt. Most of the minerals and nutrients have been taken out and what's left is pretty much sodium and garbage." The unrefined salt goes for about $20 per 1 lb. block.

So there you have it. Either companies are pushing expensive, unrefined salt or backing Bloomberg and cheating us out of precious sodium. Who's ready to chug some everyman salt in protest?