2007_07_tline.jpgThe MTA has actually done something to make the community along the in-progress Second Avenue Subway happy. They have decided not to acquire two Food Emporiums for space and will instead design around them. The NY Sun reported after community opposition, a station entrance at 86th Street will be redesigned while a ventilation system at 63rd Street and Third will be repositioned.

Not only that, the MTA says it will save money from not procuring the space and other costs. Will wonders ever cease? Community Board 8 chairman David Liston said, "It was the source of tremendous relief for our neighborhood. There's no shortage here of high-end stores, but in terms of your basic supermarket with relatively affordable prices, we have very few." True, but we wonder if the MTA would be so accommodating with smaller stores and businesses. Anyway, the MTA will now put the entrance at 86th Street in front of the store, instead "replacing" it. Hmm, will it look something like this?

And Second Avenue Sagas points out that the MTA's project website reflects the change and that the MTA bought a building that housed a Chase and Duane Reade. Now, if the MTA buys a building that houses a Starbucks, it'll hit the trifecta.