The burial of Huang Chen, the 18 year-old who was murdered when delivering food from his parents Chinese restaurant, brings up, capped off a week of sadness and anger from the Chinese community, Queens residents law enforcement, and city officials. City Councilman John Liu suggested that New Yorkers take a break from food delivery on Sunday, to remember Chen, or at least tip deliverymen well. Chinese food deliveryman Charlie Choy tells the Daily News he's been robbed 20 times while delivering in Queens over the past six years and reveals what how he deals with robbery attempts ("I don't run away from people - I just give them the money and that's fine. They can keep the food, too."). He also says that though policemen want him and other deliverymen to go to police lineups, deliverymen are usually too busy.

In NYC, our food delivery is plentiful and makes life that much easier. Many deliverymen, as well as restaurant waiters, busboys and dishwashers, cleaners, and cabdrivers, are immigrants supporting families here and sending money home. Gothamist recommends that you try to give an extra dollar when you can. We know, we all have budgets to watch, but maybe you don't need that caramel macchiato and can do with a regular coffee.