Early adopters of bike share have been Instagramming their Citi Bike key fobs all week in anticipation for tomorrow's launch. But let us pause to remember those who haven't yet received their Invitations To A Better Tomorrow.

Our own Jake Dobkin, Citi Bike member #498, is one of the aggrieved who signed up before May 17 and has yet to receive a key. "When I think about how many people with lower Klout scores have gotten their keys," Dobkin said, as Elliott Smith's "Needle In The Hay" wafted gently out of his headphones. "I don't know, I just—I'm a Founding Member, you know? It hurts."

A source with knowledge of Citi Bike's fob issue tells us that less than 3% of the 11,000 people who signed up for the service are affected, and that the fob lag was due to "postal service delay" and "incorrect or incomplete addresses."

Citi Bike is trying to rectify the situation by allowing people to pick up new fobs, or in some cases hand-delivering them. It also appears they'll be distributing them in Union Square today and tomorrow. A spokesperson for the service has yet to return a request for comment.