2003_6_citibankintherain_bluejake.jpgThe temperature forecasts from the usual forecast suspects for today and tomorrow are a little misleading and needs some flushing out. Today's high temperature forecast hinges on a Kipling-esque "if". If the fog dissipates the temperatures will soar into the lower 60s. If the fog doesn't dissipate, don't expect it to get warm.

The usual suspects are also predicting tomorrow's high temperature to be in the mid- to upper-50s. That may well be an accurate prediction. Gothamist would like to note that tomorrow's max temperature will be reached at midnight tonight. Temperatures are going to steadily drop about a degree an hour throughout the day tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, expect a bunch of rain late tonight and possibly a thunderstorm tomorrow morning.

Photo of Citibank building from Bluejake.com