In the midst of recovering from some Saturday evening activities, Gothamist missed Flugtag, a competition/publicity stunt sponsored by Red Bull, where, according to the Times, the goal was to "to launch a homemade, human-powered object off a barge and send it into the air as far it could go." All because Red Bull's slogan is "it gives you wings." Gives us a headache, too, but, yeah, we follow. Some of the objects launched: 150 pound synthetic hamburger (Heli-Burger), foam baby grand piano, and a flying nose (The Schnoz). However, Pedal Power won. (Mighty Whirl is pictured.) But as meat is most interesting, Heli-Burger pilot Ross Lutman explained why hamburger: "I like meat. I like hamburgers. And you can't make a steak fly. Burgers are more aerodynamic, steaks are not."