2006_07_flowerpower.jpgCity yellow cabs will get more colorful in the fall of 2007 as the city embarks on a project to decorate cabs with flower decals. Yes, you heard it right - the City of New York is working on the temporary, mobile public art project, Garden in Transit, which will "celebrate the 100th anniversary of New York’s first motorized taxi." Starting this fall, children will paint flowers onto decals that will then be placed on thousands of yellow cabs. Cab owners will not be required to put the decals on, but they can certainly volunteer their cabs for the project - and we suspect many will, as they will probably be attractive to that all important taxi fare - the tourist. (But we'll have to ask New York Hack and Famous Fat Dave if they will.) The cabs will flower for 16 weeks, from September through December 2007.

This is sort of like when the painted cows and apples came to the city, but melding art with the cabs is interesting, if a little disconnected - we hope the city can support community gardens and open spaces where real flowers actually grow. The project was proposed by Portraits of Hope, which uses art as a therapeutic tool for children and adults, so it's hard to argue with that aspect. What do you think?

The "Garden in Transit" program also needs adult volunteers to help the kids paint the decals - here's more information.