It's that time of year again, when corporations, small businesses and well-intentioned ninnies start breaking out their tasteless 9/11 tributes. The ball already got rolling last weekend when a couple dressed up as the burning Twin Towers for the fantasy/sci-fi Dragon Con 2016, and now a Florida Walmart has thrown its hat into the ring with a sale display featuring cases of soda shaped like the World Trade Center, with a "Never Forget" banner hanging above it. As you can see, they didn't forget to brand the banner with their corporate logos.

Charles Crowson, a spokesman for Walmart, told Orlando Weekly that the 9/11 display, which was located inside a Panama City Walmart, was taken down after the photo was snapped and shared online this week. As for who was responsible for the idea, Crowson added that "Coke typically approaches Walmart with display ideas, and they either approve or deny it. In this case, Walmart approved the 9/11 display. "

Walmart now joins the illustrious list of cringeworthy and ill-conceived 9/11 tributes, including AT&T, Fleshlight, CVS, Devo co-founder Jerry Casale, this Austrian baker who constructed a cake depicting the attacks, these British teens who won a Halloween contest dressed as the Towers, these earnest Texas cheerleaders, this UES boutique, the creators of this Oculus Rift 9/11 simulator, and of course, the continuing career of Rudy Giuliani.