A 31-year-old resident of Neptune Beach, Florida was killed around 1:20 a.m. today by a NYC Sanitation truck on the Upper East Side. The NYPD has identified the victim as Andrew Schoonover, whose address is listed in Neptune Beach, Florida. According to investigators, the truck driver was headed south on Second Avenue when Schoonover was attempting to cross at the intersection of East 84 Street was struck.

The driver remained at the scene, and Schoonover was taken to NY Hospital Cornell, where he was pronounced DOA. The NYPD says there "is no criminality suspected at this time." It's unclear what exactly caused Schoonover's death, but one unidentified NYPD source tells the Post that he "allegedly tripped" into the truck's path. A source also tells the Daily News that Schoonover tripped on some trash bags.