Billionaire Tom Golisano, who made a big show of moving to Florida because NY State had raised taxes for the wealthy, is credited as the (really rich) man who helped 30 Republicans and two Democrats recapture the State Senate majority and oust the Democrats from power. And Golisano, who had supported a number of Democrats last election, was happy to tell reporters how former Democratic majority leader Malcolm Smith's Blackberry obsession during a meeting was perhaps the straw that broke the camel's back:

Of course I was upset, I thought it was very rude. When I travel 250 miles to make the case on how to save the state a lot of money and increase the quality of life for residents with developmental disabilities and a guy comes into his office and starts playing with his BlackBerry, I was miffed. It's not so much that he was rude, he just wasn't paying any attention to what we had to say.

The Daily Politics' Liz Benjamin points out, "You would think that when one meets with a billionaire who has run three times for governor and demonstrated his willingness to spend millions of dollars on legislative races - including several that were key to the Democrats' effort to flip the Senate - one might might remember to mind one's manners." The NY Times describes how Golisano and his aide Steve Pigeon planned the coup: "Secrecy was imperative, so they decided to meet at a small Albany rock club, Red Square, an unlikely locale for lawmakers."

PolitickerNY reports that when asked about defected Democrats Hiram Monserrate's and Pedro Espada Jr.'s ethical backgrounds (Monserrate is indicted for slashing his girlfriend; Epada is under investigation for campaign fund misuse and not living in the district he represents), the billionaire retorted with, "Don't talk to me about ethical background in Albany, New York. We have a governor that stood on a podium on national television and said he had extramarital affairs and used cocaine. So, you know, these guys have got some personal issues? I don't think I want--that's just part of the picture."