Some police officers' routine patrolling became a big pot bust yesterday. Cops from the 105th Precinct smelled a pungent odor coming from a home on 269th Street in Floral Park and, once they got a search warrant, found a bumper crop of marijuana. There were more than 300 marijuana plants, growing lights, and 10 lawn bags of marijuana in the process of being dried. Three men, ages 23 to 48, were arrested and face drug possession charges.

Our favorite detail: The illegal botanists split their neighbors' power line, thereby stealing electricity. The neighbor, Ed Arzooman, told the Daily News that his bill had gone up from $300/month to $800/month: "Those [plants] are huge. Now I know why my bill is so high." Also, did the NYPD transport the plants out in the open?

Some of other pot-bust stories: Pot found growing in Floyd Bennett Field, the car that ran a stop sign, a Washington Heights pot farm growing plants as big as Christmas trees, the leak that led the FDNY to a hydroponic farm, using bookshelves to hide a grow room, and Whitestone Bridge bust.