1996_blizzard.jpgSeveral warm days are in store this week. Except for tomorrow, when it will only be ten degrees above normal, our high temperatures should reach into the 50s all week long. The prevailing upper-level winds are predominantly blowing from west to east, keeping cold air well to our north. Great if you're not a fan of winter. Not so great if you were planning on skiing anywhere around here.

What were you doing ten years ago this past weekend? Gothamist was reminded after the fact that this weekend was the anniversary of the Blizzard of 1996. The blizzard is notable for the prodigious amounts of snow that fell. Central Park received 20.6 inches, Staten Island and Newark got 27 inches, and Philadelphians had over 30 inches of snow dumped upon them. Even more snow fell in the Appalachians. Rain and a rapid warming after the storm led to flash floods. In all, the storm and associated flooding killed nearly 200 people and caused an estimated 3.5 billion dollars in damage.

Blizzard of 1996 in Brooklyn photo by Barry Bloom via the Digital Snow Museum