Flip Flops are not thongsWhile the weather continues to get warmer and nicer, the transition from spring dress code to early summer wear is rapidly progressing. Many people go all out with the attitude that once you switch, that's it, which can be dangerous given the erratic temperatures we've been having. Of particular note is the issue of footwear. Our friend Sandy brought up the upcoming flip flop season and Gothamist wonders what is the protocol for the correct time to switch to flipflops (Gothamist does not like the word "thongs"... thongs are---- very different) ? We are big fans of the flip flop. They are comfy, convenient, make fun noises, and are relatively inexpensive, or were anyway before they started to become more and more trendy. But they aren't always the best choice even in sweltering heat. A day in flip flops on the city streets can result in a nasty crust of "black crap" on your feet that is pretty gross. If it starts to rain (or you get your feet wet in other ways), they immediately become a slippery health hazard. And doctors say that despite their comfort, they aren't good for your feet because they provide no support. But we are still big fans of the flimsy footwear and are anxiously preparing to make the switch to naked toes.

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