A dispute between an allegedly racist Delta airlines pilot and a younger flight attendant erupted in the aisle of a Maine-bound plane on Monday, leading to a two hour delay at LaGuardia airport, according to sources who spoke with the Daily News.

One onlooker told the News that the 54-year-old pilot called the flight attendant a "piece of sh-t," and said he hurled other insults that were "racist, inconsiderate and unprofessional.”

Both the pilot and the 26-year-old flight attendant say that the other party was the aggressor, and each allege that the other grabbed their arm.

After the dispute, as many as six Port Authority officers interviewed flight attendants in the jetway, according to the News. A spokesperson with the Port Authority told Gothamist that there was no reported injuries, and no arrests were made. The plane finally took off hours later without the two people involved in the dispute.

In previous altercations involving Delta, the airline is currently facing a lawsuit after an employee allegedly smacked a phone out of a 12-year-old's hand while their flight was delayed at LaGuardia. In April, a Delta pilot in Atlanta was caught on video smacking another woman, reportedly in an attempt to break up a fight.

A representative from Delta did not respond to a request for comment. The plane is owned by a subsidiary of Delta called Endeavor Air, which apologized for the incident in a statement saying, "The actions of these crew members, as described, in no way reflects the respect, values and professionalism we expect from our employees."