An American Airlines flight attendant was accused by her coworkers of stowing pet rats in her underwear and pantyhose during flights, the Post reports. 55-year-old Louann Giambattista, 55, an "admitted animal lover," denies keeping murine passengers smashed under her uniform, though fellow flight attendants were convinced Giambattista was feeding out-of-sight creatures during a flight from St. Martin to Miami on the basis that she was eating a dinner roll out of a cup.

A pilot who "helped her out of a van" in 2012 also said he spied a bulge in Giambattista's pocket, leading him, logically, to assume that she was toting a "live pet," and not just filching more of those delicious dinner rolls from her previous flight.

Neither rats—nor gerbils, mice or any non-ticket holding plane companions—were found on Giambattista's person, though she is now subjected to searches each time she passes through customs. At least Giambattista had the courtesy to keep the pets in her pants, unlike this guy.