Captain Chesley Sullenberger arrived in NYC this morning and declared, "It feels good to be back in New York. It feels good to be back at work." Even jaded folks at the news conference, held at Laguardia, clapped for Sullenberger as well as his co-pilot Jeffrey Skiles, who were scheduled to make another flight from NYC to Charlotte, NC—just one with a less dramatic ending than Flight 1549.

According to WCBS 2, Sullenberger said of the January 15 flight, "Something about the event captured the imagination of people around the world... [It] happened at a time when people needed to know that good could still be done in the world." And he praised Skiles, "You have my eternal gratitude for your skill and your courage."

Though US Airways had promoted the NYC-Charlotte flight as Sully's first flight after the Miracle on the Hudson, it turns out that besides his morning flight from Charlotte, Sullenberger flew twice on September 11.