So, the dream that started with Giuliani gets to continue longer: A NY State Appellate Court ruled that the city can shut down adult businesses that operate outside of adult-only zones. Which means places like the Upper East Side Scores could be closed. Which can only mean that Internet porn will grow even more. The NY Post has a quote from the Mayor: "New Yorkers won't have to push their strollers past porn shops, have topless bars for neighbors or have to worry about peep booths in the back of their corner magazine store." Hilariously, one lawyer for Ten's Cabaret tells the Post, "The only place in Manhattan that you will have adult establishments is surrounding Jets stadium."

Strip club owners and others are taking this all the way to the top appeals court in the state, while they ask the appellate court for a stay, or else the clubs and sex shops will have to close immediately. The reason why adult establishments could operate in residential neighborhoods was the "60-40 rule" which allowed for 40% of a store's inventory be sex-related and the other 60% be stuff like, well, anything else. The Daily News has a quote from a stripper, who worries her club will be closed and says, "I have bills to pay. I have to feed my daughter. I have to pay rent." But lawyers for the clubs are using the First Amendment to combat the zoning laws, not just "I need to feed my family" arguments.

And a great book on the seedy Times Square days is Times Square Red, Times Square Blue.