Police arrested the suspect in a Monday morning shooting outside a Flatiron district nightclub yesterday, apprehending Dalone Jamison, 26, in Park Slope. Jamison is being charged in the murder of Walikque Faussett, a 24-year-old mother of one who appears to have been Jamison's friend and not his alleged target. Police now believe that Jamison fatally shot Faussett, and wounded two bystanders, unintentionally when he unleashed a spray of bullets outside Motivo, a club at Broadway and 21st Street.

Jamison had been ejected from the club following an altercation with another patron and had allegedly warned bouncers he would return with a gun. Police say he made good on his threat around 4 a.m., opening fire outside the establishment. "He was trying to shoot at the bouncers, and she just happened to be walking out with two other women,” one official told the NY Times. “There is no possibility that he was even interested in shooting at [Faussett]. She was a completely unintended victim."

Indeed, Faussett's sister told the NY Post that Jamison drove Faussett to Motivo that night, and that he frequently gave her rides. "My sister didn’t drive, so if she needed a ride, if she needed to go shopping or anything, he would drive her,” Nika Faussett tells the tabloid. “He even drove her to her birthday party."

Faussett was shot in the back while trying to hail a cab outside the club. Her friend, Renee Rondot, 25, was shot in the foot and hip, and Deborah Raji, 30, was grazed in the shoulder. They are both expected to recover.

After allegedly squeezing off at least five rounds into the crowd, Jamison sped off in a dark-colored BMW. After interviewing witnesses at the club who said Jamison was the shooter, investigators were able to obtain his car's license plate, and it was soon picked up by multiple license plate readers used by the NYPD citywide. Jamison, a Bronx resident and member of the Dymes R Us gang, was spotted on Tuesday while being driven in the same vehicle through Park Slope.

Jamison is charged with murder and multiple accounts of assault and criminal possession of a weapon. As he was being escorted out of the 13th Precinct stationhouse last night, he told reporters that he didn't kill Faussett. He had previously proclaimed his innocence in two Instagram posts, one of which showed him sitting with Faussett at Motivo, hours before her murder. The caption, apprently written by Jamison, read, "What's goin on in these streets smh hope lil sis ok I would loose it if not."

Jamison had been arrested a dozen times previously, the first occasion for gang assault when he was sixteen, but has never done any prison time. Before Monday's shooting, he was already wanted for questioning in a Bronx shooting from 2011, the Daily News reports. According to court papers obtained by the News, in 2008 Jamison allegedly "choked a woman, pulled her to the ground and then slammed her head on the concrete."

He then allegedly recorded video as others beat the woman, and could be heard on the video saying, "All I want to see is a good clean hook. I just want to record it. Oooh. Oooh. Oooh. Dymes R us city."

Informed of Jamison's arrest, Faussett's father told NBC NY, "They got the guy that did it, yeah. So the rest of his life is easy in jail. He gets to eat free. We gotta take care of [Faussett's son] Alex. Where does our support come in?"