While the two men were fatally shot in a SUV parked on East 19th Street earlier this week apparently witnessed other murders, there's a new theory for why they were gunned down: One of the victims may have disrespected the mother of his child, resulting in a gang hit.

The Daily News reports that a suspect in the killings may have been arrested—he was pulled over due to a broken taillight—and then gives the back story for why the victims, Terrance Serrano, 22, and Rashawn Washington, 26, were targetted:

Police sources said Serrano had some kind of clash with his baby's mother last year. The woman felt disrespected and told her brother, who is a member of a street gang that hangs out on Mermaid Ave. The driver of the car pulled over yesterday runs with the same crew, the sources said.

Obsessed with payback, they tried to take Serrano out in July 2009. But a gunman's bullet missed Serrano and hit his brother, Micuan Serrano, 19, in the face, killing him. Serrano was quizzed about the murder, but refused to cooperate with police.

Cut to early Monday, when Washington and Serrano were at the nightclub Roam and someone from the Mermaid Crew allegedly spotted them. When the victims left the club, the News' sources say two gunmen were waiting and shot them in the car. Also, the Mermaid Avenue crew was allegedly Tweeting a confirmation of the killings, "The toaster is hot."