The police are still investigating the killings of two men on East 19th Street near Broadway in Manhattan's Flatiron District, but now it turns out the victims may have been witnesses in other murders. Terrance Serrano, 22, and Rashawn Washington, 26, were shot in the head, execution-style, at 4 a.m. on Monday while sitting in a Mercury SUV. A witness told NY1, "I distinctly heard two and then a pause and then a continuation, then I heard about 10 seconds later a car pulling out with the wheel's screeching."

The Post says that "two armed thugs...were caught on video surveillance following the victims, who had just left the Roam Lounge, to their silver-colored Mercury SUV at Broadway and 19th Street. The assassins, who pulled up behind them in a dark sedan, jumped out of their vehicle." While the Post adds that the police are looking into the possibility Serrano and Washington had a dispute at the nightclub, the Daily News speaks to a source that says the pair had criminal records and many enemies, "Both are known gang-bangers who are involved in many things, and their business is likely behind their execution - not the fact that they were potential witnesses in other homicide."

A friend of the victims told the News, "They were two people that always looked out for everyone in the hood, and they always were a positive crowd to be around." But the News noticed that Serrano "posted on Twitter about the possibility of dying young" hours before he was killed," and he quoted Fabolous' "Body Count," "And @ my Funeral it's only one wish: I ask give da haters a chance 2 see me cause it's dey last [chance] - and 1 by 1 turn me over let em kiss my a--."