2005_03_flatiron.jpgWhile some New Yorkers are looking for pieces of Flatiron charm in the dumpsters (sometimess fruitlessly) on Broadway and 22nd Street, most people will be seeing another result of the almost endless renovation of the Flatiron building: A huge H&M ad will be wrapped on the front of the Flatiron's northern point. Oh, yes, the Scandinavian value retailer will get to place a 15,200 square foot ad which will feature a woman in a linen suit, according to the Daily News; no word if it'll be a supermodel, anorexic Chanel designer or B-list celeb in the ad. H&M ad manager Steve Lubomski said the ad was the most expensive they had ever purchased and that "It's great to take a landmark building and make it our own. It's a desirable area with a lot of great shopping, plus there's not a lot of clutter." So, kudos to the media buying agency who managed that one - or should Gothamist say "Fie on you!" We totally understand the benefits of advertising, but we're not so sure about putting wrapping the Flatiron for a non-Christo purpose. We'll see if Universal films tries to wrap a King Kong doll on the Empire State building for the new movie.

What do you think of putting an ad on the Flatiron? What about ads on other NYC landmarks? Glass Steel and Stone on the building, plus a nice look at the history of the buildng from Flatiron Mag.