PS 361 in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn has been attacked by bedbugs for the 31st time in one year, further evidence that the Department of Education should start declaring "bedbug days" to clear the way for exterminators.

The Daily News caught wind of a letter to parents from the school last month, telling them that, for the 31st time in a year, the bloodsuckers were found in a classroom. “Even though it is unlikely for bedbugs to spread in schools, the Department of Education will conduct an inspection and, if indicated, treatment of the area where the bug was found,” the note reads.

However "unlikely" the DOE says bedbgus in schools might be, the numbers don't lie: There were 3,590 confirmed cases in public schools this year, compared to 1,019 cases in the 2009-10 school year (this might be due to the fact that the school bedbug disclosure bill was signed last year). “It’s terrible,” one parent told the News. “We’ve been hearing about it for over a year. They should be exterminating the whole building.”

We're currently awaiting an update from the school's principal, but another staff member was able to tell us that class is currently in session, and DOE spokeswoman Marge Feinberg said, “The school has been inspected eight times and there have never been signs of infestation. Every time we find a single bedbug, we are required to report it. Schools are not hospitable environments for bedbugs and are brought in from the outside, usually in a bag or on clothing.”