Earlier this morning, a fire engulfed a house at 3916 Avenue K in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Firefighters found two men dead inside, but 1010 WINS reports that the FNDY is "looking for more possible victims as it was reported there were other people living in the house." Two passers-by and a neighbor knocked down a door, but the flames were too great. They also tried to convince the home's residents to jump, but were unsuccessful. Anthony Deloid told WCBS 2, "They were screaming 'Lord please help me. Lord please help me.' It was him and a woman screaming. I told them to jump. They wouldn't jump. They had a chance to jump, but they wouldn't," while neighbor Kissoondial Bissoondial said, "I hear a lady was asking 'Help me. Help me.' So I kicked the door down. Me and another guy kicked the door down. We tell them to run out, that the door was open, but I didn't see anyone run out." Photo: 1010WINS