2006_03_flatbeadchase1.jpgA woman was arrested after she stole a flatbed truck and then led the police on a chase throughout downtown Manhattan. When a sanitation truck called the police about a hit and run at 3AM, police went into pursuit mode for 30 minutes, chasing the runaway flatbed truck on "West Street through the streets of Greenwich Village and back south on Greenwich Street until [the driver] was finally stopped at the corner of State and Bridge Streets," as reported by WNBC 4. While the thief was driving the truck at very high speeds, the only casualties seem to be a few police cars and a fire hydrant (the truck was stolen from an Allen Street storage yard near the Manhattan Bridge; were large pipes on it, but it sounds like they stayed on). The police charged the woman, who was dressed as a construction worker, with auto theft and reckless endangerment; no word if she was drunk, but she did ask the police to make sure to take her backpack from the truck - they'll probably find some interesting stuff in it, like a manual about how to go about stealing a flat bed truck or something.