2005_01_taxi.jpgAn organizations representing taxi drivers is asking the Taxi and Limousine Commission to create a Manhattan-JFK $45 flat rate. Much like the JFK-to-Manhattan flat rate, cabbies are looking to make sure they get airport business, with the main concern being that livery drivers tend to rip off tourists at big hotels. Plus, the group argues that many people heading to JFK are confused, as they think there is an existing $45 rate already.

Currently, if you live uptown, it costs more than $45 to head to JFK while it's cheaper than $45 leaving from downtown. Gothamist feels this idea is fine, but for people who live in areas that cabs rarely frequent, it's a moo point. (Yes, moo point!) There are always car services and the Air Train to make getting to the airport easier. And Gothamist on the Air Train.