We were a little surprised when we read that the Transit Workers Union had distributed disaster kits to bus and subway workers, because Gothamist thought that they would at least have flashlights available in case of an emergency. According to the Daily News, "The emergency kits include a screwdriver a knife, whistles, candles, matches, light sticks, a poncho, two bottles of water, granola bars, work gloves, a 12-in-1 pocket tool with pliers, a flashlight with a built-in radio and siren, and a lightweight blanket that is not much larger than an index card when folded." That sounds like a magic blanket! Seriously, you'd think that transit workers would be armed with flashlights or light sticks - especially the ones that work underground. The Transit Workers Union has been complaining that the MTA has lagged behind in preparing employees in case of an emergency (the MTA did distribute anti-terror booklets, though). As ever, the News tops off the story by saying the MTA doesn't think there's a policy against workers bringing the kits with them. It's time like these Gothamist is glad our boss will let us have a Go Bag in the office...even if we don't actually have a Go Bag.

The union is also mad at the MTA for making employees drive trains through an "acid cleanser" at the rail yard, this after the cleaning mechanism was originally built so the trains could be pulled through without drivers. Yeah, acid cleanser doesn't sound too good either.