Sun flare; Photo - Space.comYesterday, sun shot a flare towards Earth. According to, the flare is "a storm of charged particles that could hit Earth midday Wednesday with more effect than any since 1989, when power was knocked out to an entire Canadian province." The flare is expected to arrive at noon today. While scientists are excited about the possibility of "great aurora,” Gothamist is rueing our lack of a go-bag, as the storm may affect satellites, communications systems, and power grids. Oh, man...the words "affect" and "satellites, communications systems, and power grids" are really unpleasant together. [Via JW - thanks]

All of this, however, depends on the Earth's magnetic fields...from what we were able to understand, let's hope the sun storm has a northward component. Northward component! Northward component! Let's hope that this one has no effect, much like last week's "solar activity", which a much calmer soul told us about.

We like these Magnetic Fields, too.