First the Staten Island Yankee's go on the block and then Bloomberg starts to get serious about cleaning up traffic on the fifth borough. We guess yesterday was just a SI news day, and the Advance seems to agree.

Anyway, Bloomberg's "road map" for Staten Island is actually pretty standard fare politician. "Staten Island is our fastest-growing borough, and its infrastructure has not kept up with its phenomenal growth," said the Bloom (actual stats: SI has 465,000 residents, 6% of the city's population, but it is the fifth fastest growing county in the state, growing by an estimated 20,000 every five years). To deal with all of those people heading into the city's most car-friendly borough the mayor's office offered up a few "preliminary recommendations:"

- Increased bus and train service.

- A study of 10 major intersections.

- More intersections allowing right turns on red.

- More park-and-ride facilities.

- A study of a possible South Shore fast-ferry service.

None of these suggestions are that new, but we like seeing ideas being thrown out there and hope they at least are taken seriously. Well, except for right turns on red, isn't that like sacrilege? And just an idea, but in Chicago one of the few clever things the CTA has done there was putting the Red line in the middle of a major highway. What if the MTA were to put a similar train in the middle of 278 with the stations built into the overpasses? OK, so the fact that the Verrazano wasn't built to support trains would stop the line before it got to Brooklyn, but it's an idea that doesn't include cars... What would you do to relieve congestion on Staten Island?

'I'm afraid it's terminal' from SommerJam's flickr stream.